Our steel is everywhere

From ships to skyscrapers, steel is truly the fabric of life. Its versatility and ease of use make it an essential part of our daily lives, whether for getting to work, spending family time at home, attending a sports event or skiing.

We produce over 2 million tons of steel every year from iron ore and recycled scrap metal.

Here are some examples of finished products created with steel from ArcelorMittal Long Products Canada that is further processed by our customers:

  • Forged parts for the automotive industry
  • Forged parts for plumbing
  • Wire mesh
  • Strings for musical instruments
  • Mattress springs
  • Telecommunications cables

Our steelworks make slabs and billets. Our slabs are redirected to our sister company, ArcelorMittal Dofasco, as the raw material used to produce flat rolled steel products. Most of our billets are consumed internally through our other ArcelorMittal Long Products Canada plants and transformed into a semi-finished product:

Round Edge Automotive Leaf Springs (REALS)

ArcelorMittal Long Products Canada is the world's largest manufacturer of steel for leaf springs used in the major auto maker's light trucks and heavy duty trucks. Steel made in our Greater Montreal facilities is used in pick-up trucks such as the Ford F-150 and Dodge Ram, as well as in Class 8 trucks from manufacturers like Volvo, Freightliner, Paccar and Mack Truck.

REALS are made from flat bars that are most of the time in rectangular shape. ArcelorMittal Long Products Canada is capable of producing according to each customer specification for the grade, width, thickness, edge and length requirements.  

This product is catered towards the automotive industry and small niche markets like the agricultural segment. This type of steel is being delivered into Canada, USA, Mexico and even as far as Japan. With our long lasting experience in this product and market segment, we are also capable of developing new grades and designs for our customers, with whom we have a truly partnership business approach. The automotive industry is constantly changing, thus the need for us to adapt to the new technologies and requests that are brought forward.

Concrete Reinforcing Bar (Rebar)

Rebar is used hand-in-hand with concrete. The bulk of the concrete structures need rebar thus the official name, concrete reinforcing bar. It is an essential part of roads, buildings and infrastructures around the world.

In Canada, from the Bell Center in Montreal to the new Videotron Center in Quebec City, ArcelorMittal Long Products Canada’s steel is a key component of the main local sport venues. Rebar from ArcelorMittal Long Products Canada facilities has also been used in offshore oil platforms Hibernia and Hebron, meeting stringent standards for physical properties and testing. Canadian landmarks such as the Montreal subway system and the Confederation Bridge in the Atlantic Provinces also include our rebar. The new Champlain Bridge, the busiest bridge in Canada, will also benefit from some of our rebar.

Rebar is a commodity product, thus the need to be extremely competitive in its production. ArcelorMittal Long Products Canada is the main domestic manufacturer of rebar. With excellent servicing and business relationships, we have been able to form strong alliances with our customer base, thus giving us the capabilities to work closely with them on any type of projects.

Special and Merchant Bar Quality (SBQ & MBQ) 

Special bar quality, or SBQ, refers to types of steel bars used in the manufacturing of components that require a superior surface.

With SBQ, ArcelorMittal Long Products Canada supplies forgers that are involved in the automotive industry, the energy sector and in specialty applications like the railway industry. Another large market is the cold finishers that supply many industrial sectors and often act as service centers to gather to their customer needs.

Applications may include gears, axles, drive trains and suspensions for a wide range of industries including automobiles, off-highway vehicles and industrial capital equipment. More specifically, SBQ is used in:

  • Automotive, from heavy duty trucks’ to light trucks’ applications (yokes, rings, forged parts going into drive shafts, axles)
  • The energy sector (valves, pipes and fittings, hydraulic shafts)
  • Agriculture (parts for loaders, farm equipment, land diggers)
  • Industrial sector (hooks)

For this product segment, we supply more than 80 different grades and close to 50 different sections. The quality and logistics is the stronghold of our continued success in this industry, with our capacity to quickly adapt our operations to produce specific market demands.

ArcelorMittal Long Products Canada produces and sells Merchant Bar Quality (MBQ) rounds and flat bars to customers such as service centers and some niche manufacturers. This steel can be used into many different applications, being the construction industry, the manufacturing segment and the many uses where a steel bar is needed. This type of steel can be bought in every hardware store.

Wire Rod

Our rod mills manufactures wire rod with our steel. This rod is then sold in four main business segments:

  • Low carbon which is mainly catering to the construction industry for mesh product and nails;
  • Cold heading which is made of fasteners for the automotive industry and others;
  • Welding consumable which is used almost everywhere, from the farmer welding his tractor to a robot welding a precise automotive part on an assembly line;
  • Rebar in coil, mainly used for the construction industry.

Our rod products are manufactured to meet to the most demanding applications in the industry, and are clearly recognized for their high quality and reliability that has been proven over time. One of our main strengths is the solid relationship between our rod mill and steel plants, with the main goal always being to make world-class steel for our customers.

Drawn Wire

Wire rod, coming from our wire rod mill using billets manufactured by our steelworks, gets a makeover once delivered in one of our wire mills. Through a cold drawn process, the rod is reduced in size and from there is ready to take on a value-added element such as galvanizing, spooling, oil tempering and annealing. Drawn wire then serves the telecommunications, housing and automotive markets.

  • Galvanized products have unique applications such as armory wire, designed and produced to protect fiber optics being submerged in oceans anywhere around the globe.
  • Oil tempered products can end up as garage door springs for both residential and commercial purposes. A more elaborate, chrome silicon grade is made in a variety of sizes, cut to a specific length and ends up as a “lift assembly” in pick-up trucks from major manufacturers.
  • Annealing is a heat treat process for “cold heading quality” products that eventually become fasteners: nuts, bolts, screws and connecting rods frequently used in automotive. For example, our drawn wire can be transformed into screws to secure dash boards, engine mount bolts or oil pan drain plugs.

Perhaps the most competitive of all steel segments, drawn wire requires a specific expertise. Our team is committed to meet the numerous challenges of the market. We constantly adapt to the ongoing changes of grades, sizes and packaging, and are known for our excellent quality and service.