Special Bar Quality (SBQ)

Special bar quality, or SBQ, refers to types of steel bars used in the manufacturing of components that require a superior surface.

Applications may include gears, axles, drive trains and suspensions for a wide range of industries including automobiles, off-highway vehicles and industrial capital equipment. More specifically, SBQ is used in:

  • Automotive, from heavy duty trucks’ to light trucks’ applications (yokes, rings, forged parts going into drive shafts, axles)
  • The energy sector (valves, pipes and fittings, hydraulic shafts)
  • Agriculture (parts for loaders, farm equipment, land diggers)
  • Industrial sector (hooks)

For this product segment, we supply more than 80 different grades and close to 50 different sections. The quality and logistics is the stronghold of our continued success in this industry, with our capacity to quickly adapt our operations to produce specific market demands.