Engagement communautaire

Community engagement

Every year, ArcelorMittal Long Products Canada donates hundreds of thousands of dollars to various organizations, causes and individuals to support their community initiatives. The annual budget varies, depending on the company’s finances and local priorities. One thing is certain, we want to play an active role in the communities in which we operate and where our employees live.

Areas of interest

We contribute to various organizations and causes in five main areas of interest, two of them being "core" and who receive the vast majority of our annual funding.

Core areas

Education : Because we believe that education is key to personal and community development, we support projects at all academic levels, with a particular focus on higher education in fields directly or indirectly related to steel manufacturing and metallurgy. We prioritize investments in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education..

Environment : Given our commitment to the planet, we support initiatives that maintain or restore natural habitats in our communities and that promote awareness of environmental protection.

Secondary areas

Health, safety and social services : A healthy community is a community whose development is assured. For example, we contribute to the success of health and social services facilities that provide basic care or support services for people who depend on food and other assistance. Most of this area is funded through our annual United Way campaign.

Art and culture : Art expresses the past, present and future and shares a world vision with future generations. ArcelorMittal Long Products Canada wants to promote culture in the communities in which our plants operate by supporting cultural events and making them accessible to the general public.

Sports and recreation : We believe that physical activity is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle and we promote it within and outside our company. We support projects that encourage the practice of individual and team sports, especially by young people.

In exceptional cases, our donations and sponsorships policy can also extend to local and international humanitarian aid following such events and crises as natural disasters.