Long Products Canada adds 20 Metric Rebar in Coil to its Product Portfolio

CONTRECOEUR, December 13, 2018 – ArcelorMittal Long Products Canada is proud to announce that it has added the 20 Metric (20M) dimension to its capabilities for concrete reinforcing bar (rebar) in coil. This new dimension allows the Company to appeal to a larger group of clients and supply the market with a quality product backed by ArcelorMittal’s solid reputation in the marketplace.

“With the addition of the 20M dimension, we are well-positioned to continue our growth in the rebar segment. We have a strong track record with existing clients who use our 10M and 15M rebar for some of the most demanding applications in the industry,” says Philippe Boulanger, Chief Marketing Officer for Long Products Canada. “The availability of this new dimension opens new doors for the infrastructure and construction markets and will allow us to better support the Canadian rebar industry.”

With integrated operations in Canada, ArcelorMittal can count on the solid relationship between its bar mills and its steel plants to ensure traceability and quality of its steel.

Existing and potential customers may consult our interactive brochure Our Products, Your Projects to find out more about our wide variety of steel products. The brochure which will be updated in the near future to take the addition of the 20M dimension into account for rebar in coil. Customers may also contact the ArcelorMittal Long Products Canada Sales and Marketing team for more information.