Long Products Canada Rewarded as an Employee Recommended Workplace

20 March 2017

A survey revealed that ArcelorMittal Long Products Canada is one of the top organizations in Canada considered to be a healthy, fulfilling workplace as well as a workplace of choice for employees. It is a finding of the very first Canadian organizational survey of workplace mental health that was launched last November by The Globe and Mail, a Canada-wide newspaper, and Morneau Shepell, a Canadian workplace health and productivity solutions provider. These two businesses worked together to create the Employee Recommended Workplace Award to recognize organizations that achieve the highest standards in employee health, engagement and productivity.

An overall score of 69% entitles an organization to be considered an employer of choice, and ArcelorMittal Long Products Canada achieved a total score of 76%, hence the designation as an Employee Recommended Workplace in Canada.

Since employees’ overall health is important to ArcelorMittal Long Products Canada, the company was interested in this initiative and registered for the survey. To obtain an overall picture of its management employees, the company selected a sample of employees who work in various plants at various levels. The reason for assessing mental health with this survey is that, given the realities of work nowadays, it has become difficult to balance work and personal life. The survey examines four pillars of total health: the employee’s work environment, personal life, mental health and physical health.

Analysis of the survey results showed that 73% of the employees who responded consider their health to be acceptable or optimal. Their overall health (physical and mental health, work environment and personal life) is good. Employees have more good days than bad days. However, some areas to monitor in order to improve employees’ overall quality of life are reduction of sedentariness, cultivation of a feeling of balance between personal and work lives and the ability to get through difficult times without feeling stressed.

Our designation as an Employee Recommended Workplace reflects the evolution of our human resources policies, programs and practices and our managers’ endeavours to promote a healthy work environment despite the constraints of our industry. We know that we still have work to do, individually and collectively, to find a better work/family balance. However, this excellent rating, compared with other Canadian companies, shows that we are on the right track.