Our interactive video: David’s fate is in your hands

31 July 2018

Hearing about accident risks is one thing; understanding the consequences of the decisions we make is even more powerful. With this in mind, a new, interactive, awareness video on accident prevention has been developed by ArcelorMittal Long Products Canada.

This video was not made just to be watched: you will follow David, a fictitious mechanic who works in our Contrecoeur wire rod mill, and you will hold his fate in your hands! It is up to you to make the right decisions at various times during the video so that he can go home at the end of his day and play hockey with his son. Depending on your choices, the story will play out differently… as you may discover.

In addition to showing this video to our workers, it will be featured in recruiting booths and during other company events to show that health and safety are important, fundamental values for our company. Are you ready to test your health and safety know-how and your observation skills?