Our commitment to quality

Quality is a core value of ArcelorMittal. As such, ArcelorMittal Long Products Canada makes every effort to have its steel products in the form of slabs, billets and rolled products meet the expectations of its customers. To do this, ArcelorMittal Long Products Canada promotes a culture of quality at all levels. It relies on the cooperation of all its employees and collaborators to maintain its reputation as a top quality supplier and thus ensure its sustainability.

The steel produced by ArcelorMittal Long Products Canada is used in many applications (road construction, automobiles, etc.) where safety is essential. Therefore, our goal is to deliver steel that satisfies end-user requirements.

At ArcelorMittal Long Products Canada, quality guides the various phases of production:

  • Understand customers’ needs
  • Control manufacturing processes
  • Control product quality
  • Make quality deliveries

We are supporting our business partners on an ongoing basis in the development of new steel-based products or to address any quality-related issues.

Each of our plants is certified under ISO 9001, a proven quality management system.


Research and development

As part of an international corporation, we benefit from the expertise of a worldwide network of R&D facilities.

ArcelorMittal has 1,300 full-time researchers in our R&D centres around the world where new products and steel-based solutions are developed.

Located in North America and Europe, our 11 research centres specialize in three areas of particular interest: steel products and solutions, process-related research, and technical support for steelworks. Each centre specializes in a particular field in addition to carrying out secondary activities.

In our mills, we also have engineers dedicated to research and development as well as product improvement. Their goal is to optimize our production and our delivery of high-quality solutions to clients.