We always choose the safest way – 2019 global health & safety video

All around the world, ArcelorMittal employees and their families work tirelessly for an accident-free and injury-free environment. Watch this video produced globally by ArcelorMittal and prepared as part of the annual World Day for Health and Safety on April 28th. This year, among the sequences from around the world, there are images shot by and with employees of ArcelorMittal Long Products Canada.

Our interactive video: David’s fate is in your hands

Want to find out if you are well aware of health and safety rules? Discover our interactive video where you will play the role of David, a fictitious mechanic who works in our Contrecoeur wire rod mill. You will have his fate in your hands: it will be up to you to act and make some decisions at various times during the video so that he can go home at the end of his day and play hockey with his son.

ArcelorMittal's Superheroes of Quality

In a world of safety, durability and reliability... women and men of ArcelorMittal work together to make the best possible steel.

Health and Safety Experts

Our cameras recently filmed a group discussion with very special health & safety experts. Here is what they wanted to tell you about safety.

I am steel

Steel is the fabric of life. Discover the many uses of steel through the ages with this inspiring video.

Our Steel, My Pride

You can't neglect quality in steelmaking. This video produced for ArcelorMittal Long Products Canada shows that we can be proud of our workers who manufacture safe, sustainable steel.

Leading the future of steel

Like many industrial sectors, steel is embarking on a major transformation that will see innovative technologies being implemented in its mills. See how ArcelorMittal is moving towards "Industry 4.0" to maintain its position as the world leader in steel and make its employees more agile.